We have equipment for various purposes such as cultivation, inspection, drug formulation, filling, and state-of-the-art packaging, by utilizing our welath of experience and an extensive know-how in medicine, food, cosmetics, and other related fields. In addition, we provide value-added products that have won great approval and confidence from our customers.

Track & Trace, Serialization, Checkweigher, X-ray scanner

We provide high performance and customer-oriented solutions of Track & Trace, Serialization, Checkweigher and X-ray scanner from Germany which are built with the highest engineering skills. All of them are considered the world’s leading technology and the most installed, used systems in the world.

Tablet / Capsule Visual Inspection System

More than 1,000 units of the advanced visual inspection systems for pharmaceutical industry manufactured by our affiliate Daiichi Jitsugyo Viswill has been sold, making it a market leading product.
Viswill original 3D inspection and image processing technology, stable transfer system and all other unique technologies enable us to capture theNo.1 market share in the world of pharmaceutical visual inspection systems.

AI for industrial use

We provide solutions for AI used Abnormal Detection, Picture Recognition as well as Process Optimization.
Application Field;
1. Process Optimization in petrochemical, pharmaceutical and electronics industries.
2. Abnormal Detection and Preventive Maintenance for plant operation.
3. Picture recognition for error detection.