Industrial Machinery

We have achieved a popularity in the fields of industrial machinery that aims for high-efficiency and labor-saving functions, such as, Factory Automation (FA) systems, flexible manufacturing system and different kinds of automated assembly lines. In addition, with our plastic and rubber molding machines, metal processing and auxilliary equipment, augmented by our local engineering services, we take a major role in the development of industrial fields in automotive, office automation, consumer eletronics, medical and food production.

Die Casting Machine

・Electric type using servo motor to save electrical cost
・Hydraulic type with strong clamping force

Press Machine

・High output, compact, energy efficient, customization, easy operation

Machining Center

・ Achieving high productivity thru high speed, high precision and high power specifications
・ Achieving high output by stable machining performance
・ Easy operation of peripheral equipment with expandable features

Decorative Equipment

We provide equipments, fabrication and installation of painting / powder / fluorocarbon / coating systems.
We are committed to providing full-fledged engineering service to its valued corporate customers locally, from conceptual design through various types of fabrication works until final installation and commissioning.

Other Specialized Processing Equipment

We also provide various types of processing equipment such as vibration welding, laser processing machines, and deburring machines. Other than made in Japan, we also offer good quality machines from all over the world.

AI for industrial use

We provide solutions for AI used for abnormal detection, picture recognition as well as process optimization.
Application Fields :
1. Process Optimization in petrochemical, pharmaceutical and electronics industries.
2. Abnormal Detection and Preventive Maintenance for plant operation.
3. Picture recognition for error detection.